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SLAC Group shortlisted for 2020 Global Supplier Awards- Vote for The Boxer!

Date:2020/1/14 15:12:06 Hits:667

SLAC Group has once again been shortlisted for the upcoming Global Supplier Awards.

Taking place at CanTech The Grand Tour trade event in New Delhi, India, February 2020, the awards are said to honour the suppliers in the industry showcasing the most promising innovations within the can making industry. In 2019, SLAC Group was rewarded with the Gold award for the Digital Printing Miniline innovation.

What to choose with so many innovations in the last 3 years of SLAC’s portfolio?

SLAC’s chosen 2020 innovation for the Global Supplier Awards 2020 is the newest Bodymaker to the SLAC stable:


The Boxer Bodymaker 

The Boxer has twice the output of conventional bodymakers and uses half the energy with a reduced floorspace than with two conventional machines..The design itself uses two reciprocating rams on a single flywheel, with toolpacks at either end, driven by a single central motor and crankshaft with opposed crackpins. Working like a ‘contra engine’, the rams operate in opposite directions simultaneously, counteracting horizontal vibration force and creating an almost perfect dynamic balance.

The SLAC Boxer Bodymaker has zero or minimal vibration and noise and therefore needs no floor installations with deep foundations, further reducing costs and preparation time for installation. The Boxer Bodymaker has, as with all SLAC Equipment, an impressively short Return on Investment.

Commenting on SLAC Group being shortlisted, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer Chris McKenzie, said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the 2020 Global Supplier Awards. We were proud to win Gold in Istanbul back in 2019, and we look forward to adding to our trophy case in New Delhi this February.

“Please vote for us to show your support for the continued innovation being shown at SLAC Group; our new Boxer Bodymaker is once again redefining the can making landscape.”

You can see more of this impressive innovation on all social media sites as we approach this years voting finale.

You can vote for SLAC Group via:


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