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SLAC Precison Equipment Corp Announces Expansion to New FACILITY IN Dayton, Ohio

Date:2020/9/22 15:06:20 Hits:314

The SLAC Group continues its impressive growth plans with SLAC  Precision Equipment Corporation in Dayton, Ohio announcing the relocation and expansion of their facility, adding the capability for large equipment services with overhead bridge cranes, loading docks, high ceilings and material handling to name but a few benefits to be able to rework the largest and heaviest of can industry equipment. SLAC now has increased their storage capacity for staging and warehousing fully rebuilt machines and sub-assemblies. We are making additional investments in full Assembly in the USA to include customer machining, welding and paint booth capabilities onsite as well as providing core exchange and core rebuilding services for all the major OEM systems We are providing training programs on the major equipment in the Ohio facilities

We are expanding our qualified customer service teams and provide 24-hour on-call services for North America 

SLAC is expanding their workforce and presently hiring and training qualified technicians for rebuilding, assembling, installing, and optimizing can making equipment.


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