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SLAC Precision Equipment Ltd HEXADTM Conversion System

2017/5/4 8:42:44        9237

SLAC Precision Equipment is proud to announce their latest innovative addition to their already extensive range of End Making Equipment. The SLAC HEXADTM is a high speed 6-out conversion system is EOE fully designed and manufactured by SLAC Precision Equipment in our Suzhou facility. The HEXADTM system utilizes a Minster ECH-125 press with a system speed of up to 750spm. The unique high speed 6 lane system enables a one press ability of 4500 ends per minute, the HEXADTM system is suitable for end sizes up to and including 202 Easy Open Ends. 

The production capacity of this 6-out system enables production from a single press footprint to be increased by 50% against the traditional 4-out conversion system model without a 50% increase in capital expenditure thus reducing cost per thousand impacts.

The tab material utilization ratio of the HEXADTM system is increased by 4.5% against the traditional 4-out system. 

The HEXADTM 6-out tooling adopts 3 lanes per die set using a two-die set design. The tooling structure, mechanical drive is similar to a traditional 4-out conversion system.

SLAC Precision Equipment has ensured that there are no big changes for daily tooling insert adjustment or disassembling tooling for maintenance so as to ensure ease of use and stability in our customers’ normal production operation. 

SLAC Precision Equipment when considering mechanical performances chose a titanium based material for the upper die shoe with Carbide tooling in the lane upper die set. The resultant weight is therefore designed to be substantially less than an original upper die set.

The HEXADTM also has a SLAC designed TCU (temperature control unit) for the die set to ensure there are no positioning problems caused by material linear swelling.

 The HEXADTM downstackers are designed to be 6 separate units that can be adjusted independently allowing the convenience of adjusting the position for each lane.

The HEXADTM System is also equipped with an index coil cooling device as well as an auto lubrication device for guide pin and guide bushing.

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